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The story of Fasoulas

Fasoulas was one of the 1st Shoko fans supporting us from the beginning. Everyday waiting outside the office regardless of the weather conditions! Be it snow, rain orsunshine he was always by the door. He has been through thick and thin literally. 
Sensational and super inspirational. Always loving and caring. He is the oldest and the wisest. A true warrior and a terror for dogs. He really doesn't like dogs. As the gang protector he will chase them to the point they wont ever come back to the neighbourhood. He weighted 10kg + when we found him. XXL.
Definitely the most social cat when it comes to hanging out with humans. He eats a lot and purrs even more even when he goes to the vet.
He loves Norwegian girls.
He flirts with Russian girls.
He loves the German girls too !!!
He loves the Greek girls as well... 
He has been illustrated in most of Shoko’s collection covers throughout the years. Such a ladies man!
He loves music and beef. 
You can't really pick a favourite cat because they are all awesome… but shhh, Fasoulas is our fave. <3 
The father of all has now his own home, where he lives with his best friend (and our boss), Manos!

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