All Shoko Products:
-Are designed and made with love from our Shoko Team that works in a Fair Trade environment.
-Can be customized, so you will always get the fit you desire or the design of your dreams. Just ask for it!
-If an item has the "Pre-Order" option, this means that you will receive your order between a week, to a month and a half, depending on the fabric delivery dates. 
Skirt Serena Olive Only 1 left!
Skirt Serena Boho Sold out
Top PapaJohn Blue Only 1 left!
Top Lynn Red Daisies Sold out
Dress Rhomby Knit Rasberry Only 1 left!
Dress Rhomby Knit Mocha Only 1 left!
Dress Rhomby Knit Mint Only 1 left!
Dress Rhomby Knit Grey Only 2 left!
Dress Rhomby Knit Black Only 2 left!
Puffer Jacket Mocha On sale


Puffer Jacket Mocha

€43.00 €67.00

Puffer Jacket cream On sale
Only 2 left!


Puffer Jacket cream

€35.50 €67.00

Puffer Jacket Dusty pink Only 2 left!
Bohemian dress ONESIZE(S/M) Sold out