The story of Shoko started on April 19th 2009 with the vision to create unique sustainable clothing for the everyday woman!
Our designer Daniela Koch had and still has a very specific goal when she started designing - Making clothes from beautiful fabrics that compliment the body, those distinctive details, to make each and every one of the designs beautiful and unique.
With lots of attention to detail, to compliment the most casual everyday outfits and make them special.
Manos Vouteris our Creative manager and founder of Shoko, with his great passion for visuals and his ability to create lovely content translated the vision and made it available to everyone around the world, through our online shop.
With all the love for rescuing cats and building teams to work with the same ethic and love as Daniela and Manos the Shoko family grew!
Today we all call Shoko home!
Starting all this effort in an era in which manufacturing in Greece was already  declining we fought step by step with great passion and determination to make our dream come true. At times the obstacles seemed huge, but our will to make our dream come true and our support from you guys since day one, made it possible. We couldn't be more grateful for that. 
We always wanted to work in an environment that keeps on creating and evolving.  
We feel so very lucky that we found Prestige S.A. one of the few remaining fabric manufacturers in Greece. Slowly but surely after start working with them, and their beautifully made fabrics, we moved from our first 12 m²  space in the city Center to the same neighbourhood in the suburbs of Athens.
The building which now houses Shoko Shop used to be a cookie factory - sometimes we can still smell the cookies -
Today we call Prestige S.A. our extended family, which also gives us the opportunity to monitor the fabric production up close ( Literally next door ) and within the years we at Shoko became, besides business partners, good friends with everyone working at Prestige textiles.
Ethical fashion is an oversaturated term. For us means ethical in all steps of production. From the people that work to provide the fabrics to the tail end, which are the people that are handling the packages that is delivered to our customers!
Speaking of tails , ethical also means who you really are when no one is watching...
As probably most of our loyal customers know we have a tremendous love for rescuing cats and also other animals that need our help.
A large amount of Shoko income goes into taking care of stray cats in Athens.
We have adopted a lot of cats, and also found homes and families for many others!
Today we are lucky enough to have a cat shelter, named after one of our very loved and oldest cat “Fasoulas”.
Our shelter is on the ground floor of our premises, with an outdoor garden area where our cats can run and play, but also can be safe from external threats.
The most fantastic aspect of all, is the fact that everyone that works for Shoko loves cats and taking active part, in taking care of our little friends! As romantic as it sounds, in a sense we believe that cats have brought us together, and made Shoko the family we are today .
Respecting our environment and the life around us for us here at Shoko is what sustainability is all about!
Respect and value our employees, making them our priority, generates a great amount of love for their job. Which translates to our products being made of love that we happily deliver to all our customers around the world.
Making our customers our friends, treating them with respect and love, steady but surely made Shoko what it is today!
We can’t thank you enough for your support in that beautiful journey.
With Love and purr. 
The Shoko Team ( and the cats )


( Executing the orders ) 






















The Behind!


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