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Where are my clothes made? 👕

Our journey began in Athens, Greece in 2009 as a made to order clothing brand and since then we have been loyal to our ethical beliefs.

As the mass production went from an opportunity of prosperity to a form of exploitation of the lower class, we have chosen not to become a fast fashion brand. While others forgot the uniqueness of handmade clothing and the quality factor of them, we have forever believed that sustainability is our main goal and mindset as far as it concerns to our lifestyle and not only. 

Shoko Shop’s 🎀 ideals include values that nowadays are missing from the fashion industry. Our clothing is entirely manufactured in our premisses, here in Greece, by our team who shares the same ethics and beliefs. 

We carefully select our materials, while paying attention to the details that actually make us differ. The fabrics originate from organic cotton and cruelty free materials, such are our vegan bags. 

As we are believers of ethical fashion, the process between production to marketing, could not be achieved in another way, but through a fair trade environment. 

All the process is thoroughly supervised, and people care for the company as much as they do for their own ethicals, making the handmade experience theirs.

Our mission is to continue holding our ethicals upfront and grow a united team that aims for our customer’s fashion needs and not trends that fade away. As overtime fashion pieces,“beat” fast fashion we could not but support slow fashion.

Here in Shoko Shop we want you to know where and how your clothes are made. Reach us for your thoughts, check our production videos and we can assure you that you are safe with us.😃

We love what we do-We do what we love! 🎀

Did you notice that both of these two short sentences use the exact same four words? But since the order of the words in each sentence is different, their meaning becomes very different to everyone.

Does that make sense?

We’re more than just an e-shop that sells clothes. 

We are passionate people, happy and full of energy, who feel the same love for cats and clothes and are dedicated to the same goal: make positive enduring collections in each collaboration we have. For that reason we want you guys to be happy, and smile every day!  

Why you should love what you do?!  

5 reasons to care! 💕 From us who care! 

  • Because you will feel more fulfilled.

Indeed, even in the wake of making gigantic progress throughout everyday life, people frequently look for individual satisfaction and harmony in their lives. Your life is significantly more than getting paid month in and month out. You'll feel satisfied just when you see yourself developing and preparing with your work.

  • Because you will always remain motivated.

Keeping yourself up for an additional hour, doing work vivaciously, taking no offs are simply the signs that you'll discover when you're doing things that you cherish. It generally gives you additional inspiration to meet your objectives, and when you do that, the feeling of achievement is remarkable.

  • Because you will be more productive.

Doing something you cherish will make you increasingly connected with and committed towards your work and you will feel progressively profitable and excited in doing those things. When you love your work, you won't feel tired any longer, also, it will always be fun doing every single part of the job. Consequently, you will get gain so much more in the long run.

  • Because you will never make excuses anymore.

We are great at rationalizing. We generally attempt to get off the undertakings we have been allocated on the grounds that we truly would prefer not to do except if we're constrained to do. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you pick the sort of work you need to do, at that point you will never rationalize in your life any longer.

  • You will serve others better

In case you're getting down to business with everything that is in you in a specific undertaking, you will get yourself a total change person. You will consistently attempt to serve better to your clients and associates. All things considered, spreading and getting adoration and joy is all that we wish in our lives. 


Sustainable fashion, two heavy words, one planet to save! 

Sustainability within the fashion industry is about pairing ethics with aesthetics. That’s what we try to do, here at Shoko! In our production we try to be as eco friendly as possible and through a fair trade environment we manage to fit in the sustainable fashion industry. We love making clothes but we love the environment too. 

Below we will give you some tips if you want to join this movement! 

First of all, you should always opt for quality over quantity. We know that we are an e-shop which sells clothes, but we can’t ignore the fact that is a major derivative for environmental healthiness to minimise greenhouse emissions. So we suggest you that is all about planning. It’s all about planning! Buying better quality, more sustainable clothes will probably cost you more money than buying a cheap high-street product that doesn't tick the right boxes. However, it's all about changing your mindset. Yes it does cost more now, but consider that in the long run, you are only going to buy an item which will last significantly longer. By buying 10-30 high-quality items per year, rather than 60 cheaper ones, you will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Basically, you are saving up by investing in smart choices and thus, buying less.

Then again, if you want a little change in your wardrobe, and you MUST renew your outfits, you can do it in a conscious manner! Don’t throw away your old t-shirts, there is a better solution, donate them! By donating your unwanted clothes to a good cause, rather than leaving them hanging in your wardrobe you will help others be(come) more sustainable, by reconsider your old items, rather than buying new. It’s an environmentally conscious chain reaction! A great way to do this is to adopt the one-in, one-out policy – live by this mantra and every time you buy something new, you'll donate something else in your wardrobe. Sharing is caring!

“Don’t forget that every new item of clothing being produced has a substantial carbon footprint attached to its manufacturing, but the amount of new energy needed to produce vintage clothing is zero,” Emma Watson said on her Press Tour account. "Vintage clothing has a huge role to play in making fashion more sustainable and reducing a global footprint that includes the 132m metric tons of coal used yearly through the production of new fibres, dyeing and bleaching of garments and the 6-9 trillion litres of water used by the industry." 

Moreover, in the extremely rare case that you choose to buy from someone else 😝, you have to ask yourself, "Does this brand support sustainability?" Consider which brands you have been supporting up to this point. Being informed on how ethical and environmentally conscious, the brands you support are, is an important step in curbing the fast fashion craze. 

We do! Choose Us!! 👍

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