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Metaxades Family

So the story begins with "Suzy" the mother of all of our external cats! 

This cat was born to be a mom! 2 years ago she gave birth to 4 beautiful cats Ioannis, Leo, Aschimoulis & Zoro. Unfortunately we lost "Aschimoulis" in a battle with some dogs, but Leo & Ioannis tried to save them. Zoro was disappeared after  few days but we think he has found a new home just around the corner! 

After a while Suzy gave birth to 2 similar cats, Louisa (super fluffy/tiger hair )and her sister Louisa II(short hair/tiger hair). All of our external and in house cats loved them immediately and they started hanging out!

Long story short, Louisa about a month ago gave birth to 4 beautiful babies with her boyfriend "Lino", but this didn't stop her from saving another baby boy kitten, "Salmon". When a friend, found little Salmon, Louisa grabbed him instantly and brought him to her house, alongside with the other kittens and is now taking care of 5 of them! 

We are now waiting for Louisa's sister to bring her babies to us so we will build a new home for them, so that they stay safe and sound!

To be continued...


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