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Shoko Shop® started in Athens, Greece in 2009 as a made to order clothing brand, offering customizable sizes thus making shopping a very unique and fun experience.

We are young, ambitious and in love with anything creative and we try to incorporate this into our clothing.

Shoko Shop® is fun, casual fashion for everyday. Our clothes are easy to wear, with an elegant and feminine touch, combining both style and functionality. A lot of passion and attention to detail goes into making every single design unique.

We carefully select a range of premium fabrics and materials before we turn them into functional clothing. Everything is produced entirely at the Shoko Shop® headquarters where we have absolute quality control over the production process.

We believe quality clothing should be accessible to everyone, so we offer fashionable and easy to wear clothes, handmade with love, at affordable prices. 


Shoko I.K.E.

Manufacturing & Marketing of Garments

Kalvou 3A

Lykovrisi, 14123

Athens, Greece

Vat: 800565326

T: +30 6958543889

email: info@shoko-shop.com 



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