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Who We Are - Ethical Sustainability

Who We Are - Ethical Sustainability

Our story began in 2009, when during the crisis, one young designer, Daniela, decided to create something which would bring joy in those difficult times. From a little apartment in the city center and with a small sewing machine she initially started to design, cut and sew the very first Shoko designs. So with the help from a friend back then, Manos, and a business partner from then on, we started setting up Shoko Shop!

Through the use of one of the greatest online retailer platforms, our first orders started popping up. Soon we managed to become one of the top 5 retailers of this platform in Europe. Alongside the increasing orders, our needs grew exponentially too in terms of workforce and space. Therefore, our next step was to move our little shop into a bigger space which would house our big dreams :)

40 years ago the area of Lykovrisi was filled with textile industries and fabric craftsmanship factories during the decades of the 70’s and the 80’s where the fashion industry was booming whereas now there are only a few left, like ours. We chose our current home here in Lykovrisi because our main supplier and producer of fabrics is situated right next door.

After years of trust and collaboration we ended up being neighbors and can literally share a cup of coffee. Another very important factor for us is the way they manufacture and treat the fabrics we use as well as the fair trade environment in which they work which agrees with our ideology and ethics. We are very happy and proud to continue the tradition and history of the area.

Our main goal here at Shoko Shop is to create clothes for the customer in a manner that he is aware of who and how they are made. The production starts with Daniela who designs each piece, moves on to Elpida and Miranda who cut the fabrics, on to Stella who sews them and Emilia who organizes each package delivery.

What we strive for here at Shoko Shop is clothes which have a character of their own. By using, to our best extent, fair trade products and processes we have established ourselves as an ethical brand in the slow fashion industry. The unique fabrics, the traditional way in which we treat and cut our fabrics, they
way we sew each cloth individually make us who we are, a fair trade and ethical business.

This is a message we wish to convey throughout our job. It is important to mention that this achievement wouldn’t be possible if there wasn’t love, faith and team work from each one of us. With these beliefs everything is possible!
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