Made from two layers of durable and breathable cotton with elastic ear loops. This is not a substitute for medical masks as we do not have the materials or equipment required to make N95 or medical masks. Cloth masks are not as dense as surgical masks, but they also catch droplets.

The big advantage of cloth masks is that they are reusable, because you can wash and iron them after each and every use.

We have many different monochrome colors, please note that the selection is random! We also have two different pattern (Variant 1 & 2).

However, if you absolutely want a specific design, write us a note in your order and we will do our best to accommodate your request :-)

We have no profit on this product. Discount codes are NOT applicable. We do not accept returns for this product.

Stay safe!


  • 100% Cotton

Care Instructions

Please wash after each use in hot soapy water (at least 60 degrees) and iron the mask.